Self Align is an Albert Ellis Institute Affiliated Centre, providing therapy for mental health issues.

Gauri is An Associate Fellow and supervisor at the Albert Ellis Institute NY

‘Self Align’ is also a unique workshop, in Life Therapy. Teaching a ‘do-it-yourself’ therapy – align your self, by yourself while bringing awareness, balance and alignment within and amongst the psychological and physical aspects of your self.

Correcting your perceptions to help give insights, towards a better understanding, of what you are, how you are and why you are.

It is experiential, empowering you with skills, in re orienting all energies of your self, in order and in sync with your life goals.

A therapy for mental, emotional therefore physical well being. And geared to stimulate new and productive ways of thinking, to impact your life like never before! By helping you reduce and eventually do away with a host of negative emotions, like stress, worry, anger, fear, emotional conflicts, pain, insecurities, confusions…the list is endless.

The programme relies on factual, well researched, scientifically documented and globally accepted theories and methodologies.

Hence let’s just say that Self Align, the workshop, is an exceptional blend of skills and techniques for self realisation, self growth and self alignment. A one of a kind programme.

The workshop will make you re think, re visit and question all areas of your life, to finally re align energies of your self, in order to lead a more fulfilling life.

So, are you inclined to integrate discoveries, made through the workshop and allow a major switch in your thought process?

Are you ready, to Self Align?

Gauri makes no promises of transforming your life though…because she can’t. That’s your responsibility!

Because, hey, who’s life is it anyway? However, she assures that you will gain invaluable insights into your self and learn some simple yet powerful strategies, which, if practised like a mantra, could transform you and your attitude to life.

It is the first, significant step towards Self Actualisation. Isn’t that what we all ultimately want to achieve, in order to rise above the mundane?


But whom is the workshop meant for? Is it for those who are caught in a maze of problems and don’t know the way out?

Or is it for people struggling to improve sensitive spaces of their lives like relationships, frustration at being stuck, with no hope of moving forward?

How about for people fatigued with the weight of their own baggage or caught in a turmoil of negative emotions, which disrupts  life? Whom would it truly help?

Amazingly, any and all of the above!

As much as it would, any individual who is passionately committed, to understanding, evolving and qualitatively bettering, his / her self, at various levels.

Workshop duration?

‘Self Align’ workshops are typically conducted over 2 levels and 2 weekends and across cities.

How to register / enrol?

Click on the Contact tab and drop a line or simply call, to know more about forthcoming workshops.