Some myths about Suicide

Being a mental health professional, and a Suicide Prevention Interventionist, I feel obliged to respond to a recent blog, the content of which is very similar to societal attitude towards suicide.   In order to bust some of the myths, thereby endeavour to change the mind set towards suicide, I post below some myths and […]

A Stitch In Time Saves Nine!

Stress is the root cause of all the lifestyle diseases people are suffering from today. 36% of Indians have been through depression, which is one in four people and India has the highest suicide rate in the world! What makes people hit such lows in their lives? And why was this not the case earlier? […]

Welcome! To Self Align With Gauri

Welcome and thank you for visiting! My journey in Life Therapy, as I like to call it, began many moons ago, while unravelling the mysteries of human behaviour, attitudes, values and belief systems, as a part of my job in L&OD. Innumerable workshops and certifications, only seemed to boost my appetite for more, rather than […]