Coaching can be broadly placed in 4 categories just for our understanding – Life, Executive, Leadership & Sports.

We normally relate coaching with sports, be it cricket, football, swimming etc. But that is just one aspect of coaching!

Sports Coaching is Directive – wherein the Coach tells you what to do to perform better. But the other types of Coaching mentioned are Non Directive – meaning that the Coach merely facilitates you towards meeting your goal.

A Coach guides you to explore your potential and possibilities, for you to eventually come up with your own solutions to solve your issue or achieve your goals. The Coach does not advise/ suggest/ direct, as coaching fundamentally believes in every individual’s capability, to find his/ her own solutions and the Coach’s job is to help bring that realisation. The beauty of coaching lies in the sense of empowerment you feel at accomplishing your goal – without being told what or how – thus motivating you to dream bigger!

Excepting the 1st face to face session, coaching can be done telephonically, for a mutually decided period, time and date, which makes it ever so convenient. What’s more, anyone and everyone can benefit!

Gauri is accredited by one of the apex international bodies and offers all except Sports Coaching.

Life Coaching for instance, is focused on personal issues like Relationships, Self Confidence, Personal Growth, Stress Management etc., while Executive and Leadership Coaching, is professionally helpful for those looking to enhance their careers.

If Executive Coaching focuses more on operational issues faced by executives and mid level managers, Leadership Coaching pays emphasis on areas that senior management and leadership teams face challenges with.

Mind you, all coaching conversations are protected with a confidentiality contract, which the Coach is ethically sworn to.

A Coach challenges you to step out of your comfort zone, supporting you all the way to get the results you want, in personal or professional aspects of your life!

Coaching FAQs

How does one go about being ‘coached’?

You get in touch by clicking on the Contact tab and dropping a line or calling and the way forward will be discussed, after the need for coaching has been understood. Commercials and commitment are discussed before signing a contract, for a mutually decided time frame. Telephonic coaching conversations are then commenced, at convenient time slots on a weekly basis.

How does one know if coaching or counselling is needed?

Simple. Once the issue is presented, I will know and communicate the same. Although the process is different, it would not make much of a difference to you, as I offer both.

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