Self Help

Self Help

Seek help to help yourself!

Stress is the root cause of all lifestyle diseases which even the youth is suffering from today. 36% of us have been through depression, which is one in four people and our country has the highest suicide rate in the world!

What makes people hit such lows in their lives? And why was this not the case earlier? Because, in the rat race of acquiring material goodies, people are losing out on bonding. Relationships are terminated on WhatsApp, with no opportunity for closure.

Despite 1000 friends or followers on social media, there aren’t many to share your personal angst with. And unfortunately, although today’s technological world bridges geographical distances, it creates emotional ones. So whom does one actually talk to, in a world which speaks through emoticons and abbreviations? Who will even care to listen, when attention is focused more on Candy Crush and Selfies?

Psychotherapy / Counselling has become the need of the hour. Just as each physical health issue, has a specialist to go to, so does mental and emotional health. So no, you don’t have to be looney to see a counsellor! All you may need is a patient ear to listen or vent out steam to. Or, simply need a bit of clarity, to see things straight.

Then of course there is the matter of stress, which could lead to a number of unwanted emotions like anxiety, panic attacks, anger bouts, depression, so on and so forth. These are just some of the issues a professional psychotherapist/ counsellor can help sort out.

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Because either way, Self Align With Gauri, will empower you to manage your emotions, strengthen your relationships, re orient your outlook, thus essentially, take charge, for a healthier and happier life!

Self Help FAQs

So when should you see one?

If you are grappling with any of the issues listed below, please consult NOW, before they get even worse!

Stress due to lack of work life balance

Anger issues that affect interpersonal relationships

Emotional upheaval due to troubled relationships, consistent patterns of

Fear, Anxiety and Nervousness

habitual Procrastination resulting in waste of time, which could otherwise be used constructively

Low self esteem leading to isolation & feelings of rejection

Rejection, either by others or your self, developing, an absence of self worth and Depression – which all the above could ultimately lead to!

Now the question is, which would be better for you? An individual session or enrolling for Self Align, the workshop?

If any of the above, causes you emotional turmoil, to an extent that it disturbs your daily functioning, connect ASAP for an individual session! In fact, please do not hesitate or waste a single moment in doing so.

However, if the symptoms listed (barring Depression) are not acute, meaning, they are fleeting in nature and not exactly disrupting your life OR even if you are only looking to evolve and make a qualitative difference to your life – then definitely register for the workshop.

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Seek help to help yourself!