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A Season to cheer and…

With Christmas cheer in the air and the New Year’s around the corner, everyone seems to want to forget about stressful issues and simply make merry. Great idea! It does make me wonder though, why can’t we adopt this attitude all year long?

I mean, worrying doesn’t solve anything and, instead, gets us into thinking negatively. Besides, it focuses more on the problem, rather than on finding the solution. Yet we waste precious time fretting over things which are often beyond our control.

While the only control we do have is over our perception, we foolishly try to change everything around us except the one thing we need to – what we think about it! And the Merry-go-Round happily or, rather, unhappily takes us on a spin, till we end up being dizzy and collapse with a breakdown.

So, how about doing something a little differently in the coming year?

How about, taking stock of all the things, big and small, important or trivial, that have upset us this past year and re-looking at them with a slightly corrected vision? A vision which allows for noticing our somewhat insensible thought processes about those situations. Once we do that, our mental scripts will have a lot more clarity and be far more realistic.

The ‘poor me’, ‘why me’ syndrome will get busted and we will, in fact, begin to realise our very own and critical role, in most of the disturbance caused to ourselves. It’s really quite simple, although I agree not very easy to do. All because of our resistance to accepting our own hand in creating the mess. The moment we do that, half the battle would be won and things will cease to appear as dismal as they did.

You don’t believe me? Try it! You have nothing to lose anyway, right? Except of course, the stress you’ve caused yourself, negative patterns of thought which, again, are self-created and a number of other ills, which came along as a ripple effect of the main issue.

Also, I’m quite sure you had thought of certain ways of approaching the challenge before, which haven’t helped much; so think differently. And who knows what insights will come about to help you see the silver lining behind the clouds, i.e. apart from giving clarity of thought and a healthier, mental and emotional state of being.

So cheers to the fun and revelry! Eat, drink and be merry. Break bread with your family and friends and go shop (plenty of goodies at discounted prices)! And while you’re shopping, don’t forget to pick up the spectacles which correct your vision, ‘coz that’s what will make the coming year different and much better for you!

Merry Christmas and a Happy and Safe New Year from #SelfAlign

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