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It's been just a day after the 4 days RE&CBT workshop but it feels like it's been days... There is a void. However, I'm transformed and feel like a new energy and light has entered my life. Gauri Ma'am, you rightly said that RE&CBT is not merely a therapy, it is a philosophy of life and I have been begun to live it! Thank you so much, for such a huge contribution to my life. These 4 days have been memorable and I can never forget you and look upon you as my mentor. Once again, thank you sooo much Ma'am!
Krati Kotiya
I can’t thank you enough for the most enlightening workshop experience. You are very inspirational, and the perfect model of excellent teaching. This workshop kept me on the edge of my seat for three consecutive days. Absolutely wonderful and transformational workshop. Not only did the experience provide me with an opportunity to make a change/make a difference in the lives of patients, but it also provided me with the opportunity to grow and learn about myself professionally and personally. This workshop was wonderful! This workshop will long remain a high point in my life. Thanks again…. I am feeling energized and eager to use the tools on my patients. I will absolutely recommend this workshop to other professionals! The workshop was practical yet profound. Gauri is an excellent presenter, rapid pace, lots of variety. I enjoyed coming to this workshop as a young doctor and I believe I have taken away really valuable lessons to use throughout my career. I regard this workshop as one of those landmarks in my career that may end up being a turning point for how I treat and relate to patients. Thank you! Looking forward to more learning from you.
Dr Ratika Sharma
It was a great learning experience with Gauri mam. She is an excellent facilitator. In the RE&CBT workshop, she demonstrated how to dispute beliefs that are dysfunctional. Apart from being thorough with the topic, the quality of Gauri mam which is most impressive is she is always available for doubt clearing which is a big help for professionals. It was a thoroughly enjoyable and valuable experience and I would recommend this course to every professional and student alike.
Sarita Shukla
School Counsellor
I can’t thank you enough for the most enlightening workshop experience. Like most of us, I first learnt about the existence of RE&CBT in the late ’90s when I opted to study psychology in my graduation and today I consider myself to be very lucky to have attended my first workshop on this therapy facilitated by Gauri. It was perhaps for the first time in so many years that I truly understood the essence of this therapy! What do I say…Hats off to Gauri … she is a fantastic mentor and a fabulous human being! As a participant, I saw her effortlessly demonstrate ‘unconditional acceptance’, ‘empathy’, ‘positive regard’ and most important ‘congruence’ throughout… during and beyond training hours. I know it sounds bookish… but that’s what defines ‘Gauri Row Kavi’ and that’s why her workshops go way beyond skills training and give you a bird’s view of what I call ‘celebrating life’! For me, it was transformational because, in addition to a competent mentor, she connected as a gorgeous being! Her “hugs” are extremely contagious and I am sure she’ll continue to rub off her compassion and be an inspiration to many more like me. Loads of love and good wishes to my ‘guru maiyya’.
Rohita Satieesh
Mental Health Professional
I got an opportunity to do my RE&CBT certification with Gauri Ma’am. I was floored by her enthusiasm, patience and teaching skills. She was full of energy and cleared our doubts one by one. It was a great learning experience. My knowledge of REBT was 10% when I came for the workshop and it was more than 50% when I walked out on the last day. It has helped me deal with my own irrational beliefs as well as understand others and deal with them for the better. Thereafter, I also needed some counselling help related with my anxiety. She counselled me and since then there has been no looking back for me. She showed me the light and I will always be grateful to her for that!
Kriti Dhingra
Gauri you are an excellent facilitator! Your attitude rocks! Thank you for taking me through the journey of identifying IBs. I’m sure RE&CBT will not only make me a better individual but also help me look at others and their relationships differently. i couldn’t be happier for having had the opportunity to attend the workshop! Looking forward to more such programmes.
Farida Raj
REBT Isn’t just a name of a therapy to me. It meant more than that. The workshop I attended on REBT, where I met two amazing people Archana ma’am and Gauri ma’am who helped me a lot, not only in the process of learning how to work the thing out but also help me certain ways, help me deal with my problems. This workshop helped me a lot. Even when I’m going through difficult times I try to apply the techniques I learnt, to deal with those thoughts and even try to help others. For me it was actually a life changing experience.
Anamika Banerjee
The REBT and CBT workshop was more than just a workshop for me. The lectures, practice sessions, and even one on one sessions helped me come face to face with my biggest fear in life. I was finally able to let go of my hurt and anger towards my father and resolve 22 years of bad family relationships. If only I had known this earlier that I was building my castle of misery, things would have had never been this big. I an deeply moved and immensely thankful to Gauri ma’am for helping me see through all of this more clearly. This was the best experience I have ever had in a workshop.
Vaishali Sharma
The workshop was very good. I really liked the speaker because she was real with us and gave us information, that we don’t get on Google. We learned more than the usual talks that we get in college.” The content was really good, slides explained in a very good details and examples were really good. Resource person was very good, friendly, and in a very good way explained the various ways of life and its challenges“ Participants from a half day session on ‘The ABC of Emotional Fitness’
I don’t know how to thank you enough for yesterday’s session. You covered the topics in such an interesting way, that 7 hours flew by pretty fast. The frameworks you shared will be very useful to us, both as mentors and as parents. We really appreciate the time you are taking to help the programme – both with mentors and mentees. In behalf of the Take Charge team, a BIG THANK YOU!
Luis Miranda
My graphology reading by Gauri was astoundingly precise. Including a spot-on analysis of the past, she also articulated the present and offered insights into my existing personality traits – both active and dormant. Her analysis helped understand the past, the present, and how I can fine tune my personality to grow and succeed in future. She is extremely patient and took me through the entire reading step by step, explaining, and proactively asking questions all through, seeking clarification and feedback. This quality makes one feel highly involved in the reading. Her insights and advice have helped me iron out my personality issues and become more focused. Leveraging her practical and easy solutions, have brought about positive changes in my professional and personal life and overall state of mind. I would definitely recommend Gauri – her readings are exceptional!
Shilpa Chatterjee
Content Writer
This is to thank you for the wonderful workshop that you conducted on REBT . The in-depth explanation was very helpful in understanding the therapy better and your patience and energy for bearing and answering questions also are truly commendable. The notes are self-explanatory. Looking forward to a lot more learning and ‘self-aligning’ with you.
Rama Bihani
The workshop was very well organised and very satisfactory. The concepts were clearly explained with suitable examples. I learned a lot about my irrational beliefs and look forward too more of such workshops.
Juhi Saliya
Clinical Psychologist
I really enjoyed the REBT workshop last week! It was a great way to learn and will be extremely useful in my practice. After your workshop, I have tried to apply REBT techniques with my clients following the reference material given by you and it has helped me a lot. Thank you once again, this session cleared all my doubts about REBT.
Bhumika Vyas
Clinical Psychologist
It was a privilege for me to attend the workshop on REBT, by you. You made it appear so easy for us though in fact it is quite deep and difficult. You are a great trainer. You did not leave any leaf unturned to make us understand the concepts of therapy. Culmination of the workshop was the practice part, done under your expert supervision. It was well done. I was highly satisfied. Thanks a billion for this great opportunity.
Fr. Francis D'Sa
Social Worker
My daughter Shreya and I will be forever indebted to you for your help in guiding and counselling Shreya. Shreya was so confused about what career and education to opt for after her 12th. When I heard that your offer counselling, I jumped at the option. Once you heard us out, you took us through the online test. The results were very accurate and really helped Shreya make the best choice. You also took the effort to explain the results in detail. Today Shreya is extremely happy with the choice she made with your help and guidance. Thank you very much again!!
Kanal Nathani
Gauri Row Kavi is brilliant at her understanding and study about career progression in a student’s life. She put light on certain aspects of my daughter’s choice of career and helped me understand her personality that could help further her career. Complete value for money. I am so glad I approached Gauri, it did ease out my questions and blurs.. Grateful to you Gauri. Loads of love and joy.
Reiki Master
Gauri is a dynamic person and this dynamism reflects well within her personality and work. My experience with her graphology reading and thereby grapho therapy she offered was no doubt brilliant! Her reading was accurate and detailed and it made me get an in depth understanding of patterns in my personality that were hampering my growth, on various levels that needed to be dealt with or introspect about. It assisted me to take notice of the issues that needed to be tackled, to help me grow both personally and professionally. She took me through the process systematically and helped to bring to light certain fundamental changes that helped me in smoothening the rough edges of my life, personality and thought process. This essentially helped me move consciously, into implementing these changes in my writing and very soon with practice, I noticed that this was having a positive effect in my life, at every level. I would highly endorse Gauri as she is skilled to give a canonical and comprehensive perspective of her readings, which mark the traits of a good graphologist.
Reetika Chatterjee
Digital Marketing Professional