Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy, as propounded by Dr Albert Ellis, is one of the most widely practiced therapies all over the globe today. Its success lies in the fact that clients get better, faster, requiring fewer sessions than other therapies. REBT can be applied for most mental health issues and disorders.

It is an evidence based, solution focused psychotherapy, which looks at altering Unhealthy Negative Emotions, through disputation of Irrational Beliefs. Thereby providing a Rational Belief system to change not just negative emotions but also one's unhealthy perspective on life. REBT  comes under the umbrella of Cognitive Therapies and has been found to be extremely effective as compared to other psychotherapies, as it focuses on changing core beliefs, the root of most problems. REBT is today the first line of treatment for various mental disorders, like depression and anxiety.

REBT workshops offered by SELF ALIGN, are designed specifically for mental health and helping professionals.

SELF ALIGN is an Affiliated Training Center of the Albert Ellis Institute and Gauri is an Associate Fellow & Training Faculty Level 2, trained and certified by the institute. The certificate awarded on successful completion of the course, is by an AEI Affiliated Training Center, therefore valid and recognised.

REBT Workshop FAQs

For whom are REBT workshops meant?

REBT (RE&CBT) workshops are designed specifically for aiding in mental health professionals (psychologists, psychiatrists, counsellors, therapists), registered health practitioners (of Medicine, Ayurveda, Nursing, Homeopathy), mental health students and allied helping professionals of mental health (social workers, teachers, skills trainers, life coaches, yoga teachers, etc.).

When and where are the workshops held?

Full day workshops are conducted across cities and typically over a weekend.

Please follow Self Align’s Facebook page for updates on upcoming workshops or send us your details via our contact page so we can send you email updates with relevant details.

Is the duration sufficient to master the skills?

The duration is adequate as the batch size is kept small, giving participants ample time to apply the skills through live peer counselling sessions (no role plays), which are supervised.

What are the benefits of the training?

It is a course for mental health professionals who gain the following benefits -

  • Learn the ABC Model of REBT (RE&CBT)
  • Practical application of skills
  • Live peer counselling under supervision
  • Taught with the same methodology as done at AEI (Albert Ellis Institute NY)
  • Can begin to apply skills immediately
  • And most importantly, receive Certification from an AEI Affiliated Centre
What level/certification/credentials do I need to attend an REBT workshop?

Mental Health Professional - means, Psychologist, Psychiatrist, Homeopath, Social Worker, Teacher, Nurse, Life Coach or a student working towards certifications/degrees in these fields.

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Designed specifically for mental health professionals