A Stitch in Time …

Stress is the root cause of all the lifestyle diseases people are suffering from today. 36% of Indians have dealt with depression, which is one in four people and India has the highest suicide rate in the world!

What makes people hit such lows in their lives? And why was this not the case earlier?

Because, in the rat race of acquiring Roti, Kapda aur Makaan, people are losing out on relationships and face to face contact. 500 friends or more on FB, but not a single one to share troubles with!

Relationships are terminated on WhatsApp with no opportunity for closure. Working couples struggle to pay EMIs and in the process, lose each other. In nuclear families, which is today’s reality, there are no cousins, uncles or aunts to share or seek advice from for problems faced.

So who does one actually talk to in a world which speaks through icons and abbreviations? Who will even care to listen, when attention is focused more on Candy Crush and posting selfies?

Counselling has become the need of the hour. Just as each physical health issue has a specialist to go to, so does mental health. One doesn’t have to be looney to see a counsellor!

One may just need a patient ear to listen or vent to or simply need a bit of clarity to see things straight.

Then, of course, there is the matter of stress, which could lead to a number of unwanted emotions like anxiety, panic attacks, anger bouts, depression and so on. These are just some of the issues a professional counsellor can help sort out.

Organisations today are equally concerned about their employees’ mental health as they are of their overall development. While coaching deals more with professionally related issues, counselling helps clear emotional webs usually present in personal lives. An employee having problems at home cannot be productive at work.

Unfortunately, today’s technological world doesn’t offer more than emoticons and abbreviations as a substitute for face to face conversations. With the result that despite having 1000 friends or followers on social media, there aren’t many to share your angst with. Also, in the times of specialisations, a professional mental health worker or counsellor is trained for the job.

So, get hold of one pronto if you have even the slightest notion that perhaps you need one. Let’s de-stigmatise counselling and therapy by not being nonchalant or even faking the courage of going it alone. Because sometimes a little help goes a long way in keeping you together. As the saying goes – a stitch in time…

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