Reetika Chatterjee – Digital Marketing professional

Gauri is a dynamic person and this dynamism reflects well within her personality and work. My experience with her graphology reading and thereby grapho therapy she offered was no doubt brilliant!
Her reading was accurate and detailed and it made me get an in depth understanding of patterns in my personality that were hampering my growth, on various levels that needed to be dealt with or introspect about. It assisted me to take notice of the issues that needed to be tackled, to help me grow both personally and professionally.
She took me through the process systematically and helped to bring to light certain fundamental changes that helped me in smoothening the rough edges of my life, personality and thought process. This essentially helped me move consciously, into implementing these changes in my writing and very soon with practice, I noticed that this was having a positive effect in my life, at every level.
I would highly endorse Gauri as she is skilled to give a canonical and comprehensive perspective of her readings, which mark the traits of a good graphologist.