Rohita Satieesh – Mental Health Professional

Like most of us, I first learnt about the existence of RE&CBT in the late ’90s when I opted to study psychology in my graduation and today I consider myself to be very lucky to have attended my first workshop on this therapy facilitated by Gauri. It was perhaps for the first time in so many years that I truly understood the essence of this therapy! What do I say…Hats off to Gauri … she is a fantastic mentor and a fabulous human being! As a participant, I saw her effortlessly demonstrate ‘unconditional acceptance’, ‘empathy’, ‘positive regard’ and most important ‘congruence’ throughout… during and beyond training hours. I know it sounds bookish… but that’s what defines ‘Gauri Row Kavi’ and that’s why her workshops go way beyond skills training and give you a bird’s view of what I call ‘celebrating life’! For me, it was transformational because, in addition to a competent mentor, she connected as a gorgeous being! Her “hugs” are extremely contagious and I am sure she’ll continue to rub off her compassion and be an inspiration to many more like me. Loads of love and good wishes to my ‘guru maiyya’.