Upcoming Online Workshops For 2023

Pro Bono For A Year
What A Gratifying Journey It's Been!

We can’t believe how quickly time has passed since we pledged our PRO BONO Online Workshops in Psychotherapy, starting 15th August ‘23 – 15th August ‘24, as our humble contribution towards the mental health of our nation, in its 75th year of Independence!

We have honoured that pledge and successfully conducted workshops in several therapies like, REBT, CBT, SST and ACT.

We have also conducted our PRO BONO workshops, benefitting professionals and over a hundred students in universities like Jagran Lake University, Bhopal, and Devi Ahilyabai Vishwa Vidyalaya, Indore.

It has been an extremely fulfilling experience for us, to be a medium of providing psychological education, to those keen to learn yet unable to afford the learning.

We will be continuing with our regular online workshops, from Sept ‘23 onwards and shall post the related information shortly. So do watch this space!

Who Can Attend These Workshops?

Psychology, psychiatry, and allied mental health professionals & students; homeopaths, doctors, teachers, therapists, counsellors, coaches, and other behavioural health science professionals are eligible.

How Can You Benefit From These Workshops?

  • Specific, concrete and structured understanding of the therapy, for immediate and effective application
  • Standard of teaching consistent with off line workshops
  • Personally conducted by Gauri, the main facilitator, who has studied the models with the parent institutes / founders
  • Limited batch size guarantees personal attention and hand holding from trainer
  • CPD hours (number of hours as per individual workshop) of Intensive Training
  • Supervised peer counselling sessions between participants (for some modules)
  • Live – Lectures, Demos, Discussions, Q&A
  • Digital Certification and course material from Self Align

Online Workshops Schedule for 2024

Between 2 to 4 weekends, 3-3.5 hours on each Saturday & Sunday

Training workshops conducted for Mental & Behavioural Health Professionals / Students


Hypnosis has been around for two hundred years and successfully used, by mental health professionals, to treat a host of mental, emotional and behavioural issues. When hypnosis is used as an intervention for therapeutic purposes, it’s called Hypnotherapy.

SELF ALIGN offers an Online course in Hypnotherapy covering two levels – Foundation and Advanced, each for a duration of fifty hours. Successful completion of the Foundation Level, is awarded with a Certified Hypnotist certification. While completion of the Advanced Level earns you a Certified Hypnotherapist certification.

The SELF ALIGN Hypnotherapy course is approved by and listed on the International Hypnosis Association, U.S.A., and participants completing it, are eligible for an International Certificate from IHA as a Certified Hypnotist / Hypotherapist.

Gauri is a trained and Certified Hypnotherapist (CH), by the National Guild of Hypnotists, U.S.A., the most premier Hypnosis Institute in the world. She is also an Integrated Clinical Hypnotherapist from the California Hypnosis Institute of India (CHII); a Past Life Regression Therapist, trained and certified by world-renowned Dr Brian Weiss, author of ‘Many Lives Many Masters’ and ‘Same Soul Many Bodies’. She has also been trained and certified as a Life Between Lives Therapist®, by the Michael Newton Institute® for Life Between Lives Hypnotherapy® (LBL®), U.S.A., founded by Dr Michael Newton, author of many books like ‘Journey of Souls’ and ‘Destiny of Souls’.


Bach Flower Remedies (BFRs) were developed by Dr. Edward Bach, a British medical
doctor and homeopath, in the 1930s, who dedicated his life to discover 38 wild flower
remedies. They are widely and globally used as a therapeutic intervention, for their
efficacy in regulating emotions, in the treatment of mental illnesses and, for personal

The mind-body connection is now a scientifically proven fact. Moods or state of mind,
are primary causes of illness and hinder recovery of health and wellbeing. Bach Flower
Remedies, are solutions of brandy and water containing extreme dilutions of flower
material that gently restore the balance between mind and body. They use the body’s
own natural healing, by working on negative emotions such as fear, worry, hatred,
trauma, indecision, anxiety, depression, guilt, OCD, PTSD, etc., which interfere with the
equilibrium of the being as a whole.

The remedies are not in any way harmful or habit forming. They are benign in their
action and produce no unpleasant action or complications and can be used along with
other medically prescribed treatments. They are easy to use, gentle and safe. Dr. Bach
had developed the Bach Flower Remedies Therapy system, specifically as a self-help
modality, for individuals to accomplish their own healing, as also of those they care


Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy, as propounded by Dr Albert Ellis, is the earliest cognitive based psychotherapy and one of the most widely practised therapies all over the globe today. Its success lies in the fact that clients get better, faster, requiring fewer sessions than other therapies. REBT can be applied for most mental health issues and disorders. REBT works equally well with children & adolescents, as it does with adults.

It is an evidence based psychotherapy, which looks at altering ‘Unhealthy ‘ Negative Emotions, by disputing the individual’s Irrational Beliefs. Thereby provides a Rational Belief system, to change not just disturbing emotions but also one’s unhealthy perspective self, others and life. REBT comes under the umbrella of Cognitive Behaviour Therapies and has been found to be extremely effective, as it focuses on changing core beliefs, that are the root of most problems. REBT is today the first line of treatment for various mental disorders, like depression and anxiety.

REBT workshops offered by SELF ALIGN, are designed specifically for mental health and helping professionals, and in line with AEI’s  (Albert Ellis Institute) training methodology.

Gauri is an Associate Fellow & Training Faculty Level 2, trained and certified by the Albert Ellis Institute. Self Align has also been an Affiliated Training Center (ATC), of the Albert Ellis Institute (AEI) for several years. AEI has hereon globally discontinued its ATCs (from 2022). Self Align® is now an Accredited Training Center by the International Association for Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy;


Single Session Therapy (SST) is a service delivery model, which can be adapted not only to several settings but also various other therapies. In the late 1980s, Michael Hoyt, Moshe Talmon and Robert Rosenbaum, worked on the first prospective SST research project, known as the Kaiser Permanente Project: findings included that the maximum number of sessions clients have, is “1”; and 70-80% of the patients who have a single session, are satisfied with just that one.

SST is referred to as a process where therapist and client together organize one complete session, approaching it as may be the last. However, more help is available if needed. It’s an approach that works with individuals and families, as well as all mental health issues.


Dr Aaron Tim Beck introduced Cognitive Therapy (CT), which later became a part of a larger group of cognitive behavioural therapies (CBT). Along with REBT its predecessor, it established the second wave of cognitive behavioural therapy – therapy, which emphasised cognitive factors. However, with Dr Beck calling it Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, it is more commonly referred too as CBT rather than CT.

It focuses on examining cognitive distortions and automatic thoughts, to change behaviours, and improve emotional regulation, while teaching personal coping strategies, to solve current problems. Like REBT, it is the first line of therapeutic treatment for depression and anxiety disorders.


Acceptance and Commitment therapy (ACT), another CBTs third wave, is an action-oriented approach to psychotherapy stemming from behaviour and cognitive therapy.

Founded by Steven Hayes in early 1980s, ACT propounds acceptance of disturbing emotions, thoughts, etc., while simultaneously committing to make necessary behavioural changes, in order to live a rich and meaningful life, based on one’s values. It teaches those struggling with their inner emotions, to move on with their lives, regardless of their internal / external issues.

ACT has been used effectively to help treat workplace stress, test anxiety, social anxiety disorder, depression, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and psychosis. It has also been used to help treat medical conditions such as chronic pain, substance abuse, and diabetes.


Person Centered Therapy, also known as Client Centered Therapy and Rogerian Therapy, is a form of Talk therapy developed by psychologist Carl Rogers, in the 1940s, which became one of the major models of psychotherapy practiced worldwide.

Based upon the underlying belief that each person has both, the ability and desire to reach their potential, through personal growth and change, through a an understanding of their self, attitudes and behaviours. This inherent inclination is called the self-actualizing tendency. The interactions between the therapist and client facilitate this change, based on a nondirective, empathic approach that empowers and motivates the client in the therapeutic process.

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