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Life Coaching – Your Questions Answered

Consider this example…

The Problem

Aniruddh is an ambitious young man, with impressive educational qualifications and a good track record with organisations he’s worked with. Although he’s been a good performer all through, recently, ever since his boss changed, his performance dropped. He seemed dissatisfied and unfocused. His work-life balance is a mess, thus affecting his personal life. What Aniruddh needed was to get back on track, both professionally and personally, before things got out of hand.

The Solution

What do you think he did? Being smart and well informed, he took the correct decision. A decision that would help him gain clarity on his recent performance slump and also get him to stay aligned to his goals, some which he had begun to doubt. And that well-thought-out decision was to seek support from an expert, who would assist him all the way – a Life Coach.

So, who exactly are ‘Life Coaches’? And what do they do?

I’m sure this question pops into your mind as you read this and it’s very valid. We know of sports coaches who train and are responsible for their team’s performance. They guide and advise their coachees on how to play the game as best as possible and, more importantly, how to win. If you’re wondering if Life Coaches do that too – A Life Coach helps guide you to win in the Game of Life, for lack of a better term.

But if you’re wondering if a Life Coach will tell you what you’re doing wrong, how you can improve and basically give you the solution to get the results you want; the answer to that is ‘No’.

A life Coach does nothing of the sort.

Image Credit – Lukas from Pexels

Then why would you need them? For a very simple reason – to support you in your endeavour to achieve your goals, professional and personal.

And just how do they go about doing that? A Life Coach helps by facilitating insights and supporting you; making sure you stick to your commitment and getting where you want to be.

Life Coaches never advise or tell you what you should do to realise your objectives. Instead, they challenge you to think and find your own path so, at the end of the day, the satisfaction of arriving at your destination is all yours!

Now, isn’t that a lot more fulfilling than being told how and what to do?

That’s what most of us really need – just a little nudge to take that next step or someone to guide and encourage you to stay on course, or explore new routes, while always allowing you to decide ‘what’s next’.

You can get coached on innumerable issues, pertaining to your work or your personal life like achieving work targets, losing weight, quitting a bad habit etc. including the day-to-day things we unsuccessfully grapple with.

So if you’re facing one such issue and want to get on top of it, remember, there is help available in the form of a Life Coach!

Gauri is an ICF accredited Life Coach (PCC).

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