Career Counselling

Career Counselling is an area of counselling which helps bring clarity to those making an entrance and/or a mid-career decision.

A much needed service with a plethora of vocational options available, Career Counselling is a necessity in today’s fast-paced times. Whether you’re a student getting ready to embark on a career or a working professional dissatisfied with it, professional guidance is the need of the hour.

Career decisions can be confusing and, very often, stressful leading to mental and emotional upheavals. But unlike yesteryears, professional help is at hand today through counselling which focuses specifically on this area.

Also, as a part of the counselling, Psychometric Assessments are often administered by the counsellor to gauge your interests and inherent abilities – a critical aspect in making the right choice. The results of these tests prove beneficial to both – students about to choose a career and professionals desiring to make a mid-career switch.

How Career Counselling Works

The counselling offered by Self Align includes a Career Assessment test (preferable for those of 15 years and above):-

  • Gives an accurate assessment of your interests and aptitude
  • Creates a personalised and detailed Education/Career Report for you
  • Can prove beneficial for further education, career exploration and development

Counselling is done over the phone.

The Benefits of Career Counselling Include:

Career Counselling can prove to be extremely beneficial for Students, as well as working professionals who are unhappy with their choice or existing careers respectively.

Both will learn and gain insight into their inherent strengths and receive professional guidance as to which area of work they will thrive in.

There are other benefits of Career Counselling as well –

  • For parents, there’s a potential monetary savings vis a vis educational courses that could be outlined to best benefit your child. This would help ensure that there’s no waste of time and energy on studying curriculums which won’t serve him/her well.
  • It also provides a certain satisfaction and fulfilment along with a career graph that’s designed to give you a sense of accomplishment at the end of the day.


Career Counselling can be started for students in their Secondary (9th-10th std. School) or Senior Secondary (11th-12th years, College) years. However, it also works for graduates and existing professionals in any field.


How about for people fatigued with the weight of their own baggage or caught in a turmoil of negative emotions which disrupts life?

Whom would Self Align truly help?

The answer is any and all of the above.

As much as it would, any individual who is passionately committed to understanding, evolving and qualitatively bettering his/her self, at various levels will benefit from the programme.

If you’re a student and undecided, confused and/or stressed out about what kind of courses or career you wish to pursue, this would help give you some clarity into your strengths and what you’re most suited for.

If you’re a professional, unhappy with what you’re doing and are considering a change but stressed about what to pursue, this kind of counselling will work for you too.

Career Counselling will not give you your future career in black and white, but it helps you in choosing a career, which will prove to be most successful in terms of your interests and aptitude.

While it may appear like a standard online aptitude test, the online test Self Align administers is specifically designed and incorporates a number of psychometric tools to help gauge your interests and aptitude.


There is just one online test; you do in the comfort of your own home at a time suitable to you. The counselling happens thereafter, based on your report and is telephonic.


No. Although the test could help you understand if you are a good candidate for entrepreneurship.


Absolutely! Based on her scores, I can help her choose subjects that would help her achieve her goals and those that are in line with her optimal career path.


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