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One of the major concerns plaguing the country today is stress, especially with today’s youth. It leads to negative emotions like anxiety, panic attacks, bouts of anger, depression and more. If you’ve noticed problems appearing in particular aspects of your life, it might be best to start by working on them. Self Align, a self help workshop with Gauri is a path for learning simple yet effective techniques to deal with the negative feelings we tend to experience.

One in every four individuals deals with depression contributing to the rapid increase in suicide rates in our country. The fast-paced rat-race is more competitive than ever before and our focus seems to be on gathering material possessions rather than bonding with each other. This further creates the need for learning skills to support ourselves and enrolling for a self help workshop is a beneficial step to take.

The hard truth is that despite having hundreds of friends/followers on social media, most people have no one to can share their inner issues with.

This is precisely when you ought to consider therapy with someone who listens and helps you resolve your issues. But what if you could learn to do so yourself; with simple self-help techniques? That’s the very core of what Self Align, the self workshop with Gauri, is all about.

'Self Align' - A Self Help Workshop For Emotional Fitness

Through this self help workshop, you will learn how to resolve Emotional Blocks that challenge your emotional health and mental peace through a practical and action-oriented approach that helps deal with, Stress, Anxiety, Anger, Shyness, Low Self-Esteem, Relationship issues, Fear of Failure (and other fears), Procrastination, Rejection, and Depression.

Plus other such disturbances that can affect you, regardless of your age and walk of life thus, preventing you from enjoying a happy and fulfilling life!

Helping Yourself with the Right Skills

Based on scientific theories, well-accepted the world over, Gauri teaches basic, easy to learn skills in her Self Help Workshop, which can bring about paradigm shifts to transform your life. Learn to know yourself better, communicate with yourself and others, so that your life and relationships become less challenging and more pleasant.

'Self Align'- A Self Help Workshop with Gauri, will empower you to effectively manage your emotions, strengthen your relationships, and re-orient your outlook on life thus, essentially taking charge of it, for a healthier and happier you!

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SAKSHAM - Self Help Program

All Social Service Responsibility activities of Self Align are also conducted under the SAKSHAM branding and are Pro Bono.

Gauri conducts one-hour talks, half-day workshops (up to 2 days in some cases), on various topics relating to Self Help for NGOs, Hospitals and other social and charitable bodies.

Sessions on ‘The ABC of Emotional Fitness’, ‘Understanding Adolescence’, ‘Basic Therapeutic Skills’, ‘Depression’ etc. have been successfully conducted for teens and adults alike.

Aside from workshops Gauri also conduct short talks that help deliver awareness on mental health issues within communities and work spaces alike.

Self Help Workshop FAQs

When is it a good time to see a Psychotherapist/Counsellor?

If you are grappling with any of the issues listed below, please get in touch with me NOW, before things get worse:-

  • Stress due to the lack of a work-life balance
  • Anger issues that affect interpersonal relationships
  • Emotional upheaval due to troubled relationships,
  • Consistent patterns of Fear, Anxiety and Nervousness
  • Habitual Procrastination resulting in a waste of time, which could otherwise be used constructively
  • Low self-esteem leading to isolation and feelings of rejection

Rejection, either by others or yourself, developing, an absence of self-worth and Depression – which all of the above could ultimately lead to!

What would work better for me - an individual session or enrolling in a Self Align workshop?

If any of the reasons listed in the previous FAQs’ answer cause you emotional turmoil, to an extent that it disturbs your daily functioning, connect with me ASAP for an individual session! In fact, please do not hesitate or waste a single moment in doing so.

However, if the symptoms listed (barring Depression) are not acute, meaning, they are fleeting in nature and don’t exactly disrupt your life or even if you are only looking to evolve and make a qualitative difference to your life – then definitely register for the workshop.

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How long does a workshop last? And when are they conducted?

Online courses are over weekends for a couple of hours.

Contact me via my page here or send me a PM on my Facebook page for details on upcoming workshops.

What kind of activities do you conduct at a workshop?

The workshops I conduct are experiential in nature. Feel free to reach out to me via my Contact page or Facebook for more details.

I’m not comfortable sharing my issues in a public space, what should I do in this case?

This isn’t a counselling workshop where you share your issues out loud; it’s more of a self-discovery process for YOU. Besides, in all such workshops, confidentiality is a given, where participants respect each others' space.

How do we register or request a workshop?

You can reach out to me via the Facebook page or send me a message with your requirement contact me via my Contact page and I’ll get back to you ASAP.

Do you only conduct Self Help workshops or others as well?

I also conduct professional workshops for those who work in the mental health domain - REBT is one such, as are other psychotherapy workshops.

Do check our Facebook page for updates or send us a note via our Contact page for details on upcoming workshops.

Do you conduct these workshops on our premises, your own or elsewhere?

All - I conduct workshops on your premises, my own or at any other suitable venue as well as Online.

Get in touch with me via my Contact page or my Facebook page.

What is the minimum number of people required to attend these workshops?

I require a minimum number of six participants.

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