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As we all strive to be physically fit, let me ask a simple question – does physical fitness lead to mental/ emotional fitness as well? Or is it the other way around? If you are mentally and emotionally healthy, could that manifest in your body?

Negative Emotions Can Hamper Physical Development

The truth of the matter is it’s our thought process/ attitude/ mindset etc. that affects our emotions, which in turn impacts our behaviour and actions and also manifests/ shows up in our body. Yes, our body does store negative energy, in terms of emotions. Therefore, if we manage to change the way we think to a more rational and realistic mindset, it will change how we feel and behave and greatly reduce the negative energy reserves accumulated in different parts of our body.

Let’s consider physical ailments like diabetes, ulcers, cancer, back and knee aches, spondylitis, thyroid issues, and such. These have become so common today that almost one of five people may be suffering from anyone (if not more) of these issues. These could occur early on or crop up at some other point in their lives.

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The ‘Natural’ Explanation

Yoga attributes it to the accumulation of kleshas (negative emotions) and our chakras are a good diagnostic tool to indicate what’s wrong where. Chakras are energy wheels, which are responsible for the regulation of various organs and body parts. If any are over or underactive, that part of the body is affected, leading to illness. Homoeopathy and Ayurveda also take into account the emotional and mental state of the individual, while investigating physical issues.

The Solution

How then, does one maintain emotional fitness? Thinking positively is the obvious choice. Although, thinking rationally may be an even better one. If you can think rationally, you won’t end up exaggerating your emotions and thus, are able to control them, instead of them controlling you. Most importantly, since emotions are not amplified, there is no need for the body to hoard all that negative energy; allowing a healthy flow of positive energy to flow through the body.

It’s like a domino effect. If you want a disease-free body, check your thought process because that is where it all begins, provided it isn’t purely genetic. Work on how you think to change the way your body responds.

So the next time you go for your walk, jog or work out at the gym, also clear the fog in your mind of negative thoughts and emotions, which are destructive and unhealthy for you. Perhaps, jogging your mind to burn off all that negative stuff, i.e. negative calories are more important than ‘jogging’ the body!

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