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You ARE Good ‘Enough’

In most cultures, a child is not considered to be anything more than blessing… there is no demarcation attached to it in terms of being ‘good’ or ‘bad’ as a human being.

The fact is, that is simply how each one of us is born – intrinsically good. Yes, it’s possible that some of our thoughts, emotions, behaviours, habits, and traits may be unlikeable, annoying even and at times morally unacceptable by societal norms. But that doesn’t always translate to being a ‘bad’ person.

Our Own Benchmarks

By labelling someone as bad, we become judgmental and could also possibly be a judgement based on our own yardstick. In a world that certainly does not and realistically, cannot work as per our individual benchmarks, the effort spent in passing judgement does seem futile.

It should not become a practice to judge our peers, neighbours, colleagues, friends or family or even ourselves, for that matter. When pass judgement, we are elevating our stature from the rest of mankind. Believing ourselves to be better than the rest while issuing a self-proclaimed dictat, which does not entertain disputes. And mind you, in many cases, we might have no evidence whatsoever to substantiate our perfectly flawed convictions. This is, of course, aside from our own unsound and potentially baseless standards. This is also true when we judge ourselves.

Image courtesy – Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash

Being Good “Enough”

Let’s say that instead of being judgemental, we accept our inherent goodness; the problem then arises when we compare our ‘goodness’ with that of others, by adding the term ‘enough’ to the good. What that essentially means is that we want to measure up to the expectations of those important to us; to be good ‘enough’ for them. Exactly what this ‘enough’ implies and whether or not there is a limitation to it is beyond anyone’s comprehension.

Yet, when we fall short of that, we spiral down to a state of nothingness, which soon becomes our identity. Often, this measuring up is also solely internal, as we compare what we are to what we aspire to be, once again adding the tag – ‘enough’. Every time we fail to reach that level/limit, we are quick to rate ourselves with the attached term; our own benchmark, once again.

And so, you must believe in your inherent goodness without a comparison to a perceived ideal, either self-created or one set by others. You are good… period! Believe it and face the world with a smile on your lips and a spring in your step. It’s enough to give you the confidence to take life in your stride.

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