All Social Service Responsibility activities of Self Align are conducted under the SAKSHAM branding and are Pro Bono.

Gauri conducts one-hour talks, half-day workshops (up to 2 days in some cases), on various topics relating to Self Help for NGOs, Hospitals and other social and charitable bodies.

Sessions on ‘The ABC of Emotional Fitness’, ‘Understanding Adolescence’, ‘Basic Therapeutic Skills’, ‘Depression’ etc. have been successfully conducted for teens and adults alike.

Aside from workshops I also conduct short talks that help deliver awareness on mental health issues within communities and workspaces alike.


How do we register or request a workshop?

You can reach out to me via the Facebook page or send me a message with your requirement contact me via my Contact page and I’ll get back to you ASAP.

Do you only conduct Self Help workshops or others as well?

I also conduct professional workshops for those who work in the mental health domain - RE&CBT is one such workshop.

Do check our Facebook page for updates or send us a note via our Contact page for details on upcoming workshops.

What is the minimum number of people required to attend these workshops?

I require a minimum number of 6 (six) participants.

Do you conduct these workshops on our premises, your own or elsewhere?

All three - I conduct workshops on your premises, my own or at any other suitable venue.

Get in touch with me via my Contact page or my Facebook page.

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