Upcoming SAKSHAM Online Programs


A series of 4 Webinars for Holistic Self Empowerment

Types of Personalities

Get a deeper understanding of your personality and other types

Emotional Intelligence (E.Q)

Enhance your E.Q. for  self growth

Emotional Fitness

Being Emotionally Fit is mandatory for physical fitness! Learn how to, through some simple yet effective tips


Be stress free and unstuck from the past!

Facilitator – Gauri Row Kavi (Psychotherapist, Life Coach, Facilitator)

Dates – Every Sunday starting 7th June 2020

Timing – 3pm – 5pm  (for 1st two webinars) / 3pm-6m (for last two webinars)

Venue – In the comfort of your own home

For Students / Professionals in Mental Health, For Students / Professionals in Human Resource, Working Professionals in any field/ Those seeking self healing

(Psychology and psychiatry students & professionals, Homeopaths, doctors, teachers, school and other counsellors)


  • Improve the quality of your life by staying Emotionally Fit
  • Communicate more effectively with better understanding of others
  • Learn simple, tried and tested techniques to bring positive change
  • Certificate & Discount if enrolling for entire Package


Payment Details

UPI Link: growkavi@upi

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