Reiki is an energy healing modality discovered by Sensei Mikhail Usui, a Buddhist monk in Japan.

Reiki is extensively practiced across the globe resulting in many off shoots like Tibetan Reiki, etc. However the original Usui Reiki is what Sensei Usui taught.

Contrary to myths, your  energy levels as a practitioner, are not depleted nor affected in any way since you are merely a channel transmitting Reiki energy.

Reiki is completely harmless for giver and receiver both, as it is ONLY positive energy.

Reiki energy can heal emotional as well as physical pain and can be given at a particular spot (area of pain) or to the full body. As also when the recipient is not physically next to the practioner (through Distant Reiki).

Benefits of Reiki are now being accepted by science as research is slowly gathering evidence for it.

Reiki energy is transmitted from the practitioner’s hands to the recipient’s body.

Scientific validation of Reik

“Scientific validation of Reiki’s effectiveness have helped bring this method to the mainstream, where it is able to aid patients in all realms, including those with mental health challenges”. Aura photographs too show remarkable changes (healing), in ‘before’ and ‘after’ Reiki sessions. However, you have to be initiated into Reiki by a Reiki Master and there are 3 levels you can choose to do. So who can learn and benefit from Reiki?

Anyone and everyone! Literally. Whether or not you have any issue, Reiki is an extremely positive healing modality, which you can practice on yourself and others, for simple aches/ pains, wounds etc., or  deeper emotional issues and severe physical ailments. In fact if you ask me, everyone should learn and practice Reiki.

It’s simple, can be immediately administered, totally safe & harmless and works wonders!

(Incidentally it works miraculously on kids…so it’s one homework all moms should learn and do).

Levels of Reiki

Level 1 teaches self Reiki; Level 2 equips you to give Reiki to others;

Level 3 A is when you become a Reiki Master and 3 B is when you are qualified to teach it.

Level 1 & 2 can be done together but Level 3 takes considerable amount of time and depends on your readiness, as recognized by your Master.

I initiate / teach in batches of two or 4, for all levels.