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My journey in Life Therapy, as I like to call it, began many moons ago, while unravelling the mysteries of human behaviour, attitudes, values and belief systems, as a part of my job in L&OD. Innumerable workshops and certifications only seemed to boost my appetite for more, rather than quench my curiosity.

The more I stumbled upon, the more remained to be uncovered. My intrigue took me into a spiralling journey, from the conscious to the deeper recesses of the subconscious mind, which so phenomenally connects with the infinite unconscious. It was then that I also discovered similarities between the science of western psychology and ancient eastern sagacity.

I’m still endeavouring to get a grip in this unfathomable cosmic pit and know it will take a million more lifetimes, till ‘eureka’ happens!

In the meanwhile, I would humbly like to share a few learnings I chanced upon. Learning, particularly valuable in bringing a healthy alignment in the mental, emotional and physical well being of your Self. So that you could live fruitfully – without the torment of turbulent emotions like stress, worry, hurt, heartache, fear, insecurities and multiple bottlenecks that stop you from doing so.

While practising Psychotherapy & Life Coaching, I use a holistic approach to enable you to resolve numerous issues, in one-on-one sessions, for personal & professional concerns.

I also offer Life Therapy through my signature workshop, ‘Self Align’, in which you will learn, how to realign all your energies, such as to get rid of barriers that prevent you, from leading a joyous and gratifying life.

I believe life is Work In Progress, so it’s never too late to realign energies, thought processes and emotions, to make the journey worthwhile, for you and those around you. And no one but you, can do that for you, right? What’s surprising, is that once you give it a shot, it’s actually not that difficult either!

Thank you and trust, you will Self Align!


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